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“Teamwork makes the dream work”

St. Anna Advies was founded in 2008 by Roeland Wessels, who is both a veterinarian and a communication professional. The name originated from the St. Anna Street in Nijmegen. St. Anna Advies stems from a need for communication professionals with knowledge of the veterinary and agricultural sector.

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St. Anna Advies - Roeland Wessels 2

Roeland Wessels

St. Anna Advies - Jolanda 2

Jolanda Jansen

Tessa Plagis

Jonina van den Hoorn

St. Anna Advies - Ivon 2

Ivon Derksen

Yasmine de Bats

Saskia Nab

Nina Kaarsgaren

Marleen Wichgers

Marleen Wichgers

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