Karlijn Donkers

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself!”

My name is Karlijn Donkers and I started working at St Anna Advies on the 1st of October 2019. I, initially, completed a course in Media and Event management at the Lucas College in Eindhoven. Thereafter, I felt I wanted to grow my theoretical understanding so I continued my studies, starting a degree in Communication of the University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem and Nijmegen. During this time, I grew my work experience with a variety of jobs and internships focusing on communications. By working hard, I graduated and could finally start my search for my first full-time position.

When I came across St Anna Advies, I could not contain my enthusiasm, combining my passion for communication and my love for animals, a match made in heaven. I usually spend my free time with the people I keep dear to me, and it doesn’t matter what we land up doing. Whether it is a night out bowling, playing games or having a drink, with my ‘Brabantse’ heritage, I am always up for a good time! My two best friends are my extremely stubborn Dachshunds, Puck and Tommie, and you can often find us out on a walk together.