Roeland Wessels

“The power of multiplication is sharing”

Roeland Wessels is a veterinarian and communication strategist. He is the founder of St. Anna Advies where he combines 15 years of communication expertise with 20 years of veterinary practice experience.

Roeland graduated as veterinarian in 1995, with differentiations in farm animal medicine, livestock production and tropical veterinary medicine from Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Utrecht.

In 2000, he made the switch from the veterinary world to the business world.  Firstly, working as a senior communications consultant for seven years at Schuttelaar & Partners, a consultancy firm based in the Hague, and thereafter at Imagro.

In early 2008, he created St Anna Advies above the successful companion animal veterinary clinic run by himself and his wife in Nijmegen. Together they have both a daughter and a son. Roeland is a watersports and DIY enthusiast in his spare time.