Saskia Nab

“Even within the limits, the possibilities are unlimited”

Saskia Nab is a veterinarian, trainer, communication advisor and trainings actor.

I graduated in 1997 as a Companion Animal Veterinarian at the University of Utrecht, and thereafter I worked in a large companion animal clinic for 21 years. As a veterinarian and practice owner I experienced how important communication is, both towards a client and within a team.

Acting with a theatre company is one of my biggest hobbies, and has been since I was a student. To be able to apply these skills to my daily work, I completed an extra degree as a trainings actor. These new skills allow me to creatively provide insight into aspects of communication, collaboration and management through role play.

Now I get to use my many years of experience as veterinarian, practice owner and actor in my new role as trainer and communication advisor by St. Anna Advies. I am convinced that the opportunity for growth, for every veterinarian, is unlimited and I look forward to contributing to that.