Veterinary DialogueTrainer

The veterinary equivalent to the flight simulator.

Communication is not always easy. Certain situations can make you feel uncomfortable, insecure or even fearful. Even though in theory you know what to say and what to do, correctly communicating your knowledge in these situations can be challenging. Find out more about Veterinary DialogueTrainer.

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Cookbook for Clienthusiasm

30 recipes for the veterinary clinic 3.0

A veterinary cookbook to increase, improve and finesse the clients’ enthusiasm for your practice. Our collection of 30 recipes aiming to expand the service, strategy repertoire and customer experience of your own veterinary services.

An inspiration book for practical innovation. With ideas and suggestions to turn clients into fans. A book that contributes to a future of healthy animals, happy customers, happy colleagues and a valuable practice that is ready for the challenges of the future.

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Communication in Practice

The manual specially designed for veterinarians to improve clienthusiasm

This book helps you become a more well-rounded vet, nurse or assistant. Allowing you to become a person who is excellent with animals, and even better with people. The result? Clienthusiasm! In addition to healthy animals, you have delighted clients, content co-workers and a practice prepared for the challenges of the future. That is all part of the fun of being a veterinary professional!
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