The general terms and conditions of St. Anna Advies B.V. apply to all products and services mentioned. These conditions are sent on request.
– € 0.75 per kilometer is charged for travel time and expenses
– An administration fee of € 5.00 applies
– The VAT on the training is deductible and the training costs can result in a tax benefit of up to 52%
– For all our training courses and “Client-centric-call-check” products, a 100% not-happy-money-back guarantee applies based on a negative Net Promoter Score
– Participant experiences and evaluations are made available to the practice in a handy report after the training.

Scientific basis
Evidence based. That is what veterinary medicine is all about, and therefore also our services. We actively contribute to scientific knowledge about communication and behavioral change within the animal health sector through our own research and support for students, trainees and PhD students.

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